About Me

  1. I'm Christina Pan, a senior double majoring in CS and Communication Design.
  2. Though I already have experience with HTML/CSS/JS, I want to learn more about using these languages from a design standpoint.
  3. Yes, I've taken classes through the CS department and have also used React and Angular before.
  4. I hope to learn more about ways that users can interact with webpages such as animations or 3D effects. Website design is unique because it is not static, but rather changes based on the needs of the user. By looking at a site through the eyes of a designer rather than a developer, I aim to learn more ways to improve user experiences.
  5. On a screen, one must design for different browser sizes like tablet/phone views.
  6. I think MICA's site is very well designed for its clear layout and attention to detail. Its landing page allows the user to easily access the latest news, while the sidebar ensures that he/she can access information about MICA at all times and is never lost in the site. The accents of color and squiggly underlines around the page also communicate the creative spirit of MICA.
  7. I think this site communicates well because it organizes a huge amount of information in a way that is accessible and easily understood by the user. Every page in the site has a clear hierarchy, and the clean font and comfortable viewing size ensure the user can read the information. The width of each line is also not too long or too short, making it easy for the viewer's eyes to move from line to line.
  8. Pinterest works well because its minimalist, image-heavy interface allows the user to focus primarily on searching for new ideas without being distracted by who is sharing the idea. Something else that makes it effective is the way it brings you new pins based on your search history and saved pins.